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Almost homeless

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poocher60   in reply to Unsettled1   on

What to do, when you desperately want to work, but nobody will hire you. I ran out of

volunteer 4 connections to paying jobs
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Housing, shelter: USDA Rural development, depends on state area & your credit score

USDA Rural development, depends on state area & your credit score
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poocher60   in reply to Unsettled1   on

What to do, when you desperately want to work, but nobody will hire you. I ran out of

USDA Rural development, depends on state area & your credit score.
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What to do, when you desperately want to work, but nobody will hire you. I ran out of

What to do, when you desperately want to work, but nobody will hire you. I ran out of unemployment, lost my job & health insurance due to a "downsizing" by the new COO, & am getting to the age that I will be needing it, yet my age is a detriment to me finding a quality job. I have been unemployed for over a year, have had no legitimate income for the last 4 months, been taken advantage of by family, who depleted my savings, & am 4 months behind on my mortgage & car payment. This is america. Should individuals be living in total poverty to the point of being homeless, and nobody will give me an opportunity to work for them? I feel like I am ready to jump over the edge. I have truly lost all hope.
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i am a mother of a two year old and am currently single. After a recent separation with the father of my child i am left with multiple months of unpaid bills that i am trying to catch up on. I am currently a full time college student of 3 years now trying to become a registered nurse to overcome poverty. I am also looking for a part time job but in this economy i am having complications with a job that works around my schooling.
Im not one to free load, as i am still struggling. But my family is no better of a financial situation. They try to help as much as possible but it is often not enough to cover my housing, electricity, water, gas, car insurance ect.. With that being said about a month ago my car started giving me trouble, (stalling, randomly kills, check engine light, brakes, power steering fluid leak, no a/c) and i have no money to get a mechanic to check it out. I also cant afford auto insurance. This puts me at risk for trouble with the law enforcement. Without my car i have no way to commute back and forth to school or to look for a job. This leaves me with no way to better myself and become self sufficient. I want to overcome this struggle and give my son a better life. If you could please give me any sort of assistance whether it be support or pointing me in the direction of a charity or organization that may be able to help it would be greatly appreciated.
May God Bless you.
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Still struggling

It's been a while. I've been busting my butt to provide for my family. I have managed to pay off some of my bills. I reached rock bottom and sold my husband and my wedding rings to pay the bills. I now have nothing left to sell and don't know what i'm going to do now. I have no heat in my house, my car just broke down, and I am currently 3 months behind in rent. When it rains it pours. Everyone keeps telling me things will get better. But no one is offering to help me. I don't want to be homeless with my young daughter. She graduates this year, the last thing she should be worried about is grown up money issues. I feel like i'm failing her. Anyway, I thank everyone for there kind words on here. It really makes me feel better. If anyone would like to help us out, anything will help right about now. Keep me and my family in your prayers. God bless you all
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About tj1234

Moved to Mexico


Its better here...........


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About Traceylyn

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About bigskies

Hi, my name's Bailey, I'm 20 years old and living on my own for the first time, have been for a year. My boyfriend and I live together. We were planning on moving to BC in January but things fell through and we both quit our jobs so now we are running out of money. We have both applied at dozens of places and are so far waiting to hear back but we need money quicker than what any job can give us right now. We are going to be kicked out onto the streets in a week and this is something we never saw our lives leading to. All I am asking for is if ANYONE in Edmonton Alberta has any random work that either me or my boyfriend could do for some fast cash.

My boyfriend can do labour work, any kind of car audio installation, cleaning, outdoor work, anything basically.

I myself can write, I am also great with children, can tutor elementary english or babysit.

Please email me at if you have ANYTHING for either of us to do. Thank you in advance!!

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About michael741

Hello, my name is Michael.  I found this online at the county library.  I am facing difficult times right now and need someone out there to perhaps stick out a helping hand.  A couple of years ago, right before christmas, my wife who was pregnant with our first child, was hit  by a drunk driver, and they both passed.  I lost everything.  I moved to where I live now in july of last year to work for a company that is part of a nationally known chain.  I lost my job and am on the verge of losing my house and everything else in it at this time.  Moving here was suppose to be a fresh start after losing my family, but it has turned into a nightmare.  I have no family here, and no one to help me with anything.  I have applied for over 80 jobs, but the market here is terrible.  I have never felt so alone.  I am looking for a guardian angel out there to just have the ability to give a gift out of love.  I hope and pray that there is someone out there.  Thank you and god bless.

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Stuck in a motel, no place to go, running out of money, collect food stamps and SSD........

What do I do?? How can I get help and my credit is bad? I am really close to becoming homeless.  I collect SSD and I need an apartment, the trouble is I can't afford to pay the security/deposit due to the fact that I'm staying in a hotel. I'm in Miami, and I'm desperate!! I'm so afraid of being so close to living on the streets.   Anyone has any advice or information?  Please help!! 
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About e_man98433

Hello, I never thought I would be doing this, because I am not really the type of person who ask for help from anybody.  I live in a small town in middle TN and I am on the verge of being evicted from my apartment.  I have a regular job and have been employeed for over a year now. So I'm not looking for work per say.  I actually make a decent income, but in the past year I have been paying child support at half of my income.  I now live paycheck to paycheck and have fallen behind on all of my bills.  My electric and gas bill are to be turned off tomorrow, and I have not paid rent in 3 months.  I bring home just enough money now to get myself back and forth to work and to feed myself and my kids on the weekends.  I have no family here and in all honesty if it was not for my kids, I would move on the other side of tn to try and recooperate at my families house.  As a matter of fact I would ask my family for money, but they themselves are just scraping by and have nothing to lend.

I went to church today for the first time in a long time with my son who has been going to this church for  a little over a month now, hoping that maybe a little faith would help me find the answers, although ironically when I returned to my house the land lord had left a note on my door telling me if I didn't call him tonight that he was going to the court ouse to have me evicted.  I still have not called him.  I'm not sure what to tell him though.  I don't have anything to give him and if I don't pay the electric bill tomorrow then I have no lights..  It's 10:00p.m and I guess I'm still going to call him to face the music, but I am dreading every minute of it.

I can't ask for any kind of assistance, because according to the state I make too much money to ask for help.  Which in itself is kind of funny since it is the state that is taking half my pay.  I don't owe any back pay on my child support or anything like that so I'm good in that aspect, but I am about to have a nervous breakdown over alll of this.

In short I'm not sure what any of you guys can do to help me out, maybe even some words of encouragement so I don't feel so alone in all of this would be great.  Or how about a pat on the back and a hey guy things will get better would work.  Not sure.

If you read this from start to finish I guess that means something right? 

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About AlexMommy05

I am a 23 yr old single mother of a 3 yr old boy. I was with his father for almost 5 yrs and we separated last May. Ever since then I have been struggling to get by. His father was helping me with rent for a few months after separating, in hopes I would give him another chance. But since I said we can't work things out (he had choked me in May), he no longer wants to help. I recently filed for child support thru the state, but haven't gotten it yet, and even when I do get it, it won't be enough to pay my rent. I recently moved into a place that's cheaper than where I previously lived, but it's still hard to pay the rent, and especially this month because I have to pay the remaining $250 of the $550 security deposit. I am currently unemployed because I can't afford a baby-sitter for my son and I have absolutely no family to help me out. I'm trying to find a job in a daycare or caring for the elderly, a job in which I can bring my son with me to work. But I haven't gotten one just yet. Rent is due Feruary 28th, so I have just a little over a week left before rent is due, and I can't come up with the money that quickly on my own. My rent is $550, but because of the security deposit, I have to pay $800 this month. Hopefully I will get the $300 from my son's father that he had promised to pay, but I'm still missing the other $500. I really really need some help. If you can help me out, please e-mail me at or call me at 703-956-0052. Thanks, Serena

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About daisymae

My family is going to be homeless; our life has been shattered.  We are terrified by what is happening to us.  Everything we've ever worked for is lost except for our three beautiful, bright children - who used to be happy and are now so very sad, withdrawn and terrified.  All we ever truly wanted is to have a "family", and now the reality that we may lose each other is so profound that it's hard to even breathe.  My husband has suffered from a series of strokes over the years, and has a heart condition as well.  Our youngest is 100% handicapped, having been born with an extremely rare congenital defect.  Without her life-sustaining medication 3x per day, she will lapse rapidly into adrenal failure. We are ashamed, humiliated and so afraid of what comes next, there are no words to properly express the dimensions of fear that we are experiencing.  I can't understand how everything just fell apart.  Our home and health was lost to catastrophic mold with the responsible party (HVAC Contractor) walking away while we tried to keep going, and we did keep going for a number of years but we have reached bottom now.  No money, no emotional safety net or support - "friends" disappear quickly - it's as though our economic plight has the cast of contagion, as though we are untouchable.  We are an incredibly hard-working team, my husband and I, without a blemish on our moral compass - really.  We've worked all our lives and have been committed to setting a seat for Elijah at our table. Everyone in this house knows what our favorite four-letter word is: be "kind".  A touch of kindness, an unexpected gesture can lift one's spirits so effortlessly. I would so like to right this little ship of ours so that we can carry on - the five of us together.  We want and need work so badly and continue to make every possible effort to find our way.  There is just no work to be found.  We've become invisible.  Applying for job after job only to hear that we are overqualified or underskilled or without the words being said outright...too old.  It's 50 degrees in the house right now, there isn't enough food or even toilet paper to go around.  We have a small old car that doesn't fit five of us to begin with, let alone try to live in it in a very cold climate. Today is my daughter's 13th birthday, on her way to becoming a woman.  She needs underwear - my hot tears are burning my cheeks as I write this because I am unable to provide the most basic of life's needs to my sweet and very smart middle child.  Is there anything we can do for someone, an organization or community out there that may accept our efforts to participate in a productive, giving - forward thinking project, task, job?  While finances are certainly of tantamount importance - the need to feel useful to others weighs evenly on the scale.  We can't afford to lose each other, I won't be able to persevere.  I want to provide for and take tender care of them, they are far too young to watch their parents wasting, fading slowly away.  Please, can anyone offer a leg-up, guidance, a "spark of life" - or send us all a smidge of hope?  I'll do almost anything to keep our boat afloat.  I'm educated, strong and healthy, brutally honest and yes, "kind", in spite of the all emcompassing fear.  Can anyone help me find the peddals to my bike?  Please, please help - send a thought, a prayer - a fresh wind of good fortune our way.  - Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, I hope to rise out of this trauma to do good things for others.  I feel like Alice in Wonderland, remember when she falls down the hole....Here's to hoping that we will find our way out of this chasm.  Best Regards and warmest wishes to all, especially those who found this site as I did this evening... by googling the two words... "Almost Homeless". 



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About Jeremiah27

I sat down at this hotel computer, (that i'm not even a guest at) to check my listing on craigslist for work.

i'll be homeless if i don't get some help!

I am a arborist/landscape designer by trade. I have had no work since 0ct 14th. that was $100. job several weeks before that was the last one. I have looked for work, i havent found anyone hiring. I have two boys and a girl. we are behind on car and truck payments, insureance,rent its all due. I am 27 and in good health , I don't drink/smoke/or do any drugs. I am honest and have always cared deeply for those in need. I am a volenteer at a soup kitchen. I have never passed by anyone on the side of the road that needed help. Infact there have been times when i've taken the long way home during a snow storm just to see whom i could help. people get stuck alot in michigan during tie winter. I am a christian in need of work. I hope and pray for your kindness.

I am at a loss for words, I just hope there is a person out there that could help my family financially. Certainly not a hand out, I am looking for work. I have 15years experience in the tree business. i am a amazing landscaper. Ponds waterfalls custom landscapes, retaining walls.  If its money your able to help with by all means let me work for it.    My name is jeremiah.   


 well < things have really turned around. The phone is ringing again. I'm making money and i just want to thank you all for your prayers. No one gave money but i did get work and thats all i really wanted. thank you. Note to all who suffer all you have to do is BELIEVE

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About Cookie64

Hello may God Bless who ever reads this page I have come to this site out of pure desperation. I am a single mother I am employed I am CNA and can't seam to keep my head above water I have so many bills my rent is going up in Feb 2009 I don't have a boyfriend or any family my mother died 24 years ago and I just lost my dad 5 years ago. I am a good person trying to make ends meet I would hate to see myself homeless which is my fear. I have condsired going back to school to upgrade myself but my job doesn't pay for me to go to college and I just can't afford the tuition. If someone has a big heart to help me in this time of need I would clean your house help care for one of your love ones if close by I live in the Bronx in New York with my daughter and my two small dogs which are mother & daughter aswell. Things have been bad but I see them getting worst I worry so much and I am entering depression which I don't have any control of but try to keep my spirts up bye joking around. Thank you so much for reading this to the end. I know I am not alone...
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About askingforhelp

I am currently unemployed and caring for my elderly mother and teenage daughter. I have enough money for our motel room and food for 2 more nights and after that we will be homeless and hungry. I just need enough to get me through the month. I am desperate! My daughter will have no Christmas, but she understands and knows that we just need food and shelter. I would appreciate any help you can give during this time of giving and sharing. Thank you in advance.

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About amomswish75

Hi to everyone! This is my last resort at trying to save my home and give my kids a christmas.I have 4 awesome kids and it breaks my heart to know that they might not have a christmas nor a home.I can't bring myself to tell them or even how to tell them.My husband lost his job ,he was a superintendant for a construction company and luckily found another but doesn't get paid that much and only every other week and this week his boss only paid him $300 for two weeks of hard work not to mention working 8-10 hours and then getting up at 2:00 a.m and going back to work.The company just started and His boss is struggling to pay his employees.I am waiting for SSI, since i have a neck injury that prevents me from doing what i love...nursing.I am basically in the same bad nightmare as many families.I pray for all of you as well.If someone is in a situation that would like to help as hard as it is ,i am now accepting anything.My daughter ashley is 14,jake is 11,makayla is 6 and zachary is 4.Thank You and good luck to all that are in need during the Holidays.My email is

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About kineshiab

I am lost.  I googled, "almost homeless" because that's where my family is.  I really don't even know where to start.  I am a married mother of 2 with one on the way.  My husband has a pretty decent job, but I'm not sure how long it will last. We owe everbody, really behind on our bills, stuff is cut off and I struggle to feed my kids.  My husbands wages are already being garnished and there are two other companies that are threatening to do the same.  I suffer from Bipolar disorder and I am a diabetic and then to find out I was pregnant WHILE ON BIRTH CONTROL is a curse.  I am scared.  There is so much I want to share but I don't know how.

We keep praying that things can't get any worse and things will look up, but just last night my husband was arrested for driving without a license.  SO there is more money in fines we have to pay.  God help me, I just need someone to hear my prayers and help or if nothing else, pray for us.

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About aromagirl

I took all the savings money I had to start a business ..the business never took off. I have no backup savings and my hours of my job have been cut drastically . I have taken two other jobs to try to keep myself afloat and it is still not paying enough to cover my rent ..My radiator on my car just blew and living in Southern Ca, it is near impossible to get to work without a car. And also part of my other jobs are to visit clients in different areas of town. I need to get my rent paid so at least I will have a home . I have no where to go and I fear I will wind up living in my car .

I will gladly work for someone who can lend this money to me . I do not expect just to be given funds.

I can't lose my home and I have been trying everything I know . 

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